Testimonials by Realtors/Brokers

Victor San Vicente, Real Estate Broker, Milpitas, CA

 "Kelly is my go-to person for all my most difficult loan cases. Kelly is awesome as she can handle anything that is thrown at her. She closes all my deals without fail, and my clients are always extremely happy with her service.  Kelly is one of the best in the business period."  

Robert Ramirez, Realtor, Salinas, CA

 "Kelly - She is very responsive and is always ready to take my calls if I have any questions or need help in understanding what she needs. She always goes the extra mile to save any loan and will figure out a way to make it work. She understands our clients’ needs and is available 24/7 to make it happen. With over 10 years of experience in the mortgage business I know I can count on her...even if I am on vacation, I know she is working hard to make sure our transaction CLOSES as smoothly as possible." 

Susan Wong, Realtor -Realty Executives, Santa Clarita, CA

 “Kelly was recommended to me by another realtor after my clients could not qualify with other lenders. Kelly did not turn down my clients, she knew what to do and did the extra work to help my clients fix their credit and improve their credit scores. Now my clients got approved and will close escrow in the next couple of weeks. Great job Kelly, Thanks again.”   

Rebecca Lam, San Francisco, CA

 "In the ten years I have known Kelly, I’ve known her to be confident and an expert in her demographic area and personable with her clientele. She is persistent, great at following through for loans and real estate transactions specific and tailored to her clients. I highly respect Kelly as a real estate colleague and friend and would recommend her as a connection in real estate needs." 

Dat Nguyen, Real Estate Broker/Developer, Milpitas, CA

 “Kelly Yip is an experienced real estate professional. Kelly Yip has assisted me in multiple real estate deals. As a listing broker and a mortgage lender broker, Kelly always came through with the task in hand. I am sure Kelly and I will continue to do professional real estate in the near future.”  

Testimonials by Clients

Marie and Ronald Sotelo, Union City, CA

 “Kelly Yip went above and beyond what was expected of her. She is an example of what every real estate agent should strive for- honesty, professionalism and reliability.”  

Mai-ly Bui Wilcox, San Jose, CA

 "Kelly has been my real estate broker for over 5 years now and has helped with my first home purchase. She has made the scary process of home buying 'simple.' If there were any questions with regarding loans or the real estate market, Kelly is the one providing me with the information. She is one of the most reliable, honest, and professional real estate broker out there." 

Jennifer Tang, San Jose, CA

 “Kelly is a very knowledgeable and resourceful real estate agent/broker. She helped me purchase my home in 2005, but still continues to follow up with me on any opportunities to lower my mortgage rates and other programs. Recently she helped me reduce my property taxes by $2000! Kelly is just amazing!”  

Joseph Lee, San Jose, CA

 “Thank you Kelly for your guidance with my first time mortgage refinance. These days, it seems as though there are several requirements for getting approved, and the process can be daunting for those that are new to the process like me. You got me a great rate for the refi, and with no points and no cost, it was a no-brainer to say yes. I was referred to you by one of your prior clients, and now I would definitely recommend you to any friend or family I have in need of a mortgage refi in the San Jose area. Thanks again!”  

Irma and John Wilkinson, Dublin, CA

 "Kelly Yip is an incredibly smart, persistent and resourceful realtor who we recommend to any home owner or prospective home owner who is looking for someone who is not only a step above other realtors but who really cares deeply about her clients.  Kelly was referred to us by family friend who successfully completed a short-sale just months earlier. Like our friend, our home was underwater and we were struggling to make ends meet. And like our friend, we found placing our home and trust in the hands of Kelly Yip to be one of the best decisions we ever made! She not only addressed every incredibly complex maze of legal and financial issues involving mulitiple lenders, service, realtors and other parties but did so while keeping us informed at every step of the way. Not only was Kelly able to close our short sale - but she did so faster than even our lender expected! She's our hero... and is already helping out yet another friend of ours!" 

Tracy Tran and Tuan Nguyen, San Jose, CA

 “We have worked with Kelly on purchasing our home and then refinancing our loan and have been extremely pleased. Kelly delivers exceptional services, paying great attention to every detail and making sure she doesn't drop the ball at any point, planning ahead to save us loads of money, and even taking the hit to save us from having to pay an extra dime. She has made sure each transaction have gone smoothly, consulting us only when necessary and going above and beyond to spare us the headache of having to deal with numerous paper work associated with the tedious mortgage and home loan processes. We have recommended her expertise to all our family/friends and many of them have also been happy with her services. Kelly is definitely our go-to person for all things real estate.”